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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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what a debut for carson rookie quarterback does not disappoint in his nfl debut as he lead our birds to a win over the browns. we have reaction from the players, and from carson, from fans, from you. hillary clinton's health a question again after she nearly fainted september 11th remembrance ceremony. what she has been diagnosed with that could change the course of the election. we're tracking breaking news in bucks county one person is dead, another is in critical condition after a double stabbing happened a little while ago. we will get you to bucks county in a bit. straight up 6:00. alex is back. >> we are he matching. >> we're back in step, we don't plan this. >> we don't, he does not like
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matchingy don't like matchy matchy. >> but here we are. >> back together again. >> it is september 12th, 2016. man was it a nice day for a football game. >> let's hepp today will be just as nice. >> is it? >> what is this. >> are you okay. >> what was the question i was communicating silently with di and now i'm communicating out loud with you and it is a ten. did you love yesterday's weather, loved it. >> we will give you you another. it is chocolate milk shake day. >> thank you national chocolate milk shake day. bus stop buddy is celebrating with an indulgent day. it is hardly a cloud in the sky. very tranquil at the airport here. nice and clear 62 degrees. 56 percent relative humidity. we don't get sunrise until 6:40 this morning. temperature in mount pocono look at how chilly up there, 44 degrees. fifty in allentown. fifty-five in trenton.
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sixty-three in millville. down in wilmington delaware 57 . it is a cool start with the the northerly, northeasterly wind out there. eighty-two was our high with sin skies and low humidity all day just about ideal. sixty-two for tonight. again, with a clear sky and another cool night. that is today, but of course, perfection never lasts, bob kelly we will tell you when things change in the seven day forecast. >> hey sue good morning. we are off to a good start. everybody should be in a good mood after an eagles win. live look at roosevelt boulevard, no problems or delays at all, roads are dry coming there new jersey starting to see that volume pop on the freed way coming from the walt whitman bridge. couple of head cups. paoli thorndale and west trenton line running with a couple of delays on the first trains out of the gate. remember they have a new weekday schedule. express supplemental bus service on the select regional rail lines and through this week they will work on 95 between cottman avenue down to
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the betsy ross bridge. we are seeing brake tapping in cottman avenue and down near girard construction zone. lower providence ridge pike at germantown pike an overnight accident pulled down overhead power lines. that will cause detours out of the gate for first thing this morning. breaking news out of the bucks county one person dead after a double stabbing in morrisville. it happened half an hour on foster drive ape other vehicle tim is in critical condition. we are expecting a press conference later this morning. we will update with you more information. >> dave kinchen is on the way there. carson wentz/doug pederson era is off to a flying start the for our eagles. >> he led his team, rookie quarterback to an impressive 29-ten win over the browns. wentz finished 22 for 37, 278 yards and two touchdowns. his performance has eagles fans very excited now, for the future. >> the the eagles fans have a lot to be excited about this morning. that is for sure after that
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big win. many hoping the team will keep momentum going. where do we have to go, chicago. >> we have to get to chicago next. >> i don't want to be negative nellie. >> here we go. >> it was the browns. they stink. carson wentz got hit too many times and now lane johnson is probably going to get suspended later on today. so kay, back to the good news. here's the steve keeley. >> reporter: report i'm glad you are not shaking your pompons mike, and this guy is tall, how many passes were batted down. i thought if this was tim tebow they would say he is too short to be quarterback. a lot of passes bat add way. the that is enough of the negative stuff. everything is going so good today sue serio says it is national chocolate milk shake day. alex and mike passed on these. i have my check late ice cream lean body to go, it is little chocolate milk shake.
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i freeze it. it is like a chocolate milk shake. i had no eye tea. i got 302nd. i even started the hit for eagles. every time i see new front of the wawa. i should have been in front of the dunkin' donuts because it is free coffee i have learned from bob kelly. they say if you go by commentary on tv and twitter there are two ways to react to carson wentz winning debut. wentz is headed for hall of fame and rebuilding year will be a playoff potential super bowl run, or his performance in game one is completely meaningless because carson's daily could have led eagles the win to the awful cleveland browns. >> he looked good. >> he looked so good. >> i am watching the game right now. >> he is looking great. comfortable in the pocket. throwing darts all day. looking great. i'm happy. >> moment is not too big for carson wentz. i love it.
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>> he is a special player. i think he will talk for himself but a lot of what he does is credited to hard work, preparation and belief. all he does is work his bleep off, sorry, but, you know, just his belief that he will make plays and that is what will happen. >> reporter: for the next bleeping week, nelson agholor can dream about this perfect pass, into the end zone, given to him his second touchdown of his career. he waited, he got one all last year. he has his first one this year. how about that. expect fans in philadelphia and cleveland to say browns passing on picking wentz will be the nfl equivalent of the portland trailblazers who took sam bowe ahead of michael jordan. bottom line wentz was good against a bad team, let's wait for week number two. good way to put it by chris chase of "fox sports" i think. >> nicely done. >> okay. looking good today, steve, by the way. we are feeling good. >> you always feel good after an eagles win. >> that is right. >> i will tell you hoist not
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the feeling well, hillary clinton. several days rest for hillary client of after that medical scare yesterday. this morning she's recovering at her home in new york. as doctors treat her for a pneumonia, and dehydration. democratic presidential nominee, that is what she is, cancelled her campaign plans. chris murphy, what happened? was this down in lower manhattan. >> it was, it it was abruptly, right during the 9/11 memorial ceremony and afterward she left it early. you could see her being ushered into that suv that she had to wait for because that he didn't expect her to need an suv at that time. you can see her again, highlighted right here, right outside world trade center site. video shows candidate, just trying to stand on her own. her aids and security detail literally holding her up. clinton seems unsteady, swaying, stumbling and appearing to faint. within of her shoes actually
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fell off. her motorcade making a stop at daughter chelsea's apartment roughly 3 miles away just before noon. clinton emerging from her daughter's building, smiling and making brief remarks. here they are. >> beautiful day in new york. >> ninety minutes after the episode, clinton's campaign releasing a statement saying mrs. clinton suddenly left ceremony because she quote felt overheaded, but was feeling much better. then later issuing another release, on the pneumonia and dehydration. clinton now scrubbing her campaign visit to california to at least tomorrow, and the heat initially was being blamed on this but yesterday in new york city as in philadelphia was first time we had a break from the heat. >> that is true, overheating and pneumonia, two ends of the spectrum so if she had pneumonia, she needs to have some rest. >> people want to have so many appearances and interviews why
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didn't she say anything then on friday. >> wasn't she diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday afternoon. >> that is what she released. >> you have symptoms and things are going on but you are doing appearancing, shaking hands. >> nothing to be embarrassed about having pneumonia but she didn't want donald trump headaching it an issue. >> he said plenty offer last three weeks, that is for sure. taking a knee, we saw-- no, not hillary clinton. >> from the nfl to a south jersey high school, um-hmm, football players, taking a knee during the national anthem. what do you think about that. that is right here in our area. miss america in ac. >> you have to do the there she is. >> there she is, miss america. >> if you can come up with the name of the man who was synonymous with that song i will buy you lunch for the rest of your life but you have three seconds to do it. >> you can't just give me 32nd. >> three, to, one.
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>> life line. >> no.
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several nfl players showed their sport to colin kaepernick and those still affected by the 9/11 attacks. players and coaches on the seattle seahawks and kansas city chiefs link arms. kansas city cornerback marcus peters was shown raising his fist in the air wearing a black glove. locking arms where one else.
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dolphins player took a knee. this is a big deal there was a report saying all seattle seahawks team they were going to neil and then they came out and said we will show unity. they decided to lock arms. >> tough toe do it 15 years after 9/11. more nfl players are following colin kaepernick's lead after quarterback made headlines for refusing to stand during the national anthem. the is isn't that just talked about. >> there are youngers players that are taking part in high school and camden. >> yes. >> so wood row wilson high school, football coach and most of the team need during star spangled banner. coach peterson told players wow neil during the game against highland high. social justice has divided fans and sparked debate over freedom of expression and teams action are drawing mixed reactions. >> it is a good thing and a bad thing. you have to think about the people who died for that flag so we could have our freedom. they are doing it for a good reason. >> i think in regard to the national anthem, i mean it
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should always be that kind of respect. >> look at this camden school district issued this statement, standing by the team. they support the flag but the respect the students experiences, and, exercise theiring their first amendment rights. >> did you see kate upton. she had something to say about it. >> yes. >> yesterday, and it really is, kind of spread, her interview. >> kate upton. >> swimsuit model. >> but what she was saying was aloft people were sailing, you know, basically you can do this freedom of expression any other time but not during 120 seconds of the national anthem. she had very strong points. >> a lot of people would agree with that. world pauses remember to lives lost 15 years ago. we will look back at how the events of that day, changed headlines on newspapers, around the world. quite interesting, how the headlines went from september 11th, 2001 to the following day. what a difference. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. atlantic city was place to be last night. >> i used to watch miss america all the time with my daughters it is late on the east coast. >> i guess. >> i loved atlantic city. glad it it back in atlantic city. >> which state up with. let's listen. >> and the new miss america is
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... miss arkansas. >> yeah. savvy shields. >> i love her dress. >> yes. >> congratulations to miss arkansas, the natural state. >> what is her name. >> savvy. >> first name is savvy. >> that is fantastic. >> well, savvy is doing this jazz dance and what else did she do? she received $50,000, a scholarship, because thinks a scholarship pageant, not a beauty pageant, okay. she gets a six figure salary to do, well, i'm not sure what. >> i will find that out. >> what was her platform. >> her platform. >> did she have a platform. >> they were shoes, platform shoes. >> what is her outreach, is what her mission over the next year. >> i don't know it is more than just beauty. >> i just know her first name is savvy, sue.
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>> what is her last name. >> shields. >> my name is unsavory. >> welcome to the stage, safer i shields. >> we will look it up. >> who cares. we've got a gorgeous sunrise, over philadelphia, right now. this view from south philadelphia, it looks great this morning, and we have low humidity today. thanks to the cold front that came through yesterday in the morning, gave us a delightful afternoon. it wasn't only eagles win but good weather as well. high pressure in control today, tomorrow and on wednesday, once high pressure moves off shore it will start to get more humid but in the meantime, you can enjoy dry weather, but it is not necessarily completely enjoyable because this is our drought monitor, and you can see any area in the light yellow here it means it is dry, we are not in an official drought yet but we're watching the situation because we could use rain and we are not
6:19 am
getting any today, tomorrow, and maybe a to clouds. even wednesday night into thursday when our cold front comes through you can see the clouds up to the north and west wednesday evening, the precipitation dissipates and we don't expect any rain but there will be a big difference in temperature. that is how it is. 62 degrees in philadelphia 44 in mount pocono. sixty-two in wildwood. place necessary between are in the the 50's. nice cool start to the morning, and thanks to those wind that are out of the north. now average high is down to 80 . boy, were we above average during that four day heat wave, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday but yesterday we dropped 10 degrees to a high of 85. it will be even cool tore day with a high of 82. mid 80's gannon tuesday, bright sunshine on wednesday, until nighttime, and when that cold front comes through, back to sunshine on thursday but what a change from 92 on wednesday, to a high of 78 on thursday. you might be clouding up sat the day getting ready for much
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needed showers on sunday. we will see how that plays out as we can end gets closer. bob kelly, what is going on here. >> good morning. 6:20 on a monday morning, a live look at i-95, southbound, right around the curve here at allegheny avenue. disabled vehicle, it is in the left lane, right as you head into that three lane construction zone. we're 19 minutes from wood have men do downtown. a live look at the vine street expressway stack up single file that one lane opened heading in towards 30th street station. speedometer reading not bad on the blue route so far so good on the schuykill expressway but a disable tractor trailer westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike right at virginia drive. that is e-z pass only off ramp. we are heavy from willow grove to fort washington into mid county and delays on the the paoli thorndale and west trenton regional rail line. they have new weekday schedules and also that express supplemental bus serve
6:21 am
is on the select regional rails, back to you. in connecticut more than 30 people injured after several decks collapsed during a house party. three decks coming down near trinity college. police say they were packed with party goers sat the day night and could not handle the weight. top deck fell on the middle deck and both cam crashing down on the bottom deck and amazingly, none of the injuries were serious. >> i'm shock. >> that is amazing. 6:21. officials at centers for disease control identified a fourth person in the country that potentially deadly super bug. they identified e-coli in the two year-old girl in connecticut resistant to the last resort antibiotic. experts worried that the e-coli will spread it resistant to other medicines which they can say, which they say can cause super bug infections. when that happens no medications are said to work, and 49 year-old woman from pennsylvania has also been infect with the bug. well, football season started yesterday and start of the season, means a lot of
6:22 am
fantasy football, yeah, unless you played with espn yesterday. why so many users were so upset, on the first day of the season. the eye mean right out of the gate, numbers. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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i'm sean bell. eagles had a picture perfect start to the season. carson went, doug pederson making their nfl debut and both impressed in every single way. carson wentz on his first drive as an nfl quarterback showing, pinpoint accuracy. look at this pass nails jordan matthews in the corner of the end zone. doug pederson managed this game perfectly as a head coach. in the third, wentz does it again. look at this pass, dropping a came to nelson agholor in the bread basket. eagles win 29-ten. as impressive as it gets. wentz showing no signs of being a rookie. >> at the end of the day we won. you dream and you want to win. that was the goal, we got a great team win. it will hit me after the game, you know, i have been dreaming about this since i was a kid,
6:26 am
but again, it the is just the first of many and it is on to next week. >> once again, that is sports this a minute i'm sean bell. very pleased and he should be. the carson wentz. >> the whole city is pleased with him right now. >> that is right. >> we will see what happens in chicago. first day of the nfl season was so much funny got my red zone out after being back from the game. >> oh, yeah. >> of course, i was also watching fox on my other television. >> yes. >> yes, yes. >> must be nice. >> played some fantasy football until espn messed me up. fantasy football turned into a nightmare right out of the shoot when espn fantasy app crashed. >> it began 1:00 p.m. when nine, nfl teams kick off. espn fantasy sports acknowledge they were having technical difficulties and they apologized for the inconvenience but fans were not happy sending irate posts throughout social media they
6:27 am
say glitch didn't get fix until five hours later. >> yes. >> the second games had already started. >> yeah. >> 6:27. remembering 9/11, 15 years laters but something happened to one of the dignitaries at ground zero yesterday. of corresponds, you know it is by now. hillary clinton. she almost fainted there in to that black van. she has been diagnosed wye doctors? i'll tell you what she has had.
6:28 am
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here's carson. carson wentz, oh, it went well. rookie quarterback does not disappoint in his nfl debut. i like the handshake. he leads the birds to a win over the browns. bird over browns. we have reaction from the players, from carson himself and the fans. hillary clinton's health this question again after she nearly faints at a president is 11th remembrance ceremony, what she has been diagnosed with, and what this could mean. we are tracking a double stabbing in bucks county. there is a live look in front of this house here. one person is dead. another is in critical condition after this double stabbing. dave kinchen is there and will have a report in a matter of minutes. we're getting reports from this huge fire in cinnaminson, we're almost there. good day, everybody it is
6:31 am
september 12th, 2016. bus stop buddy still wearing eagles green, we had this on, on friday, every thursday, good luck, chocolate milk shake day, temperatures in the 50's and 60's. cool start but very comfortable this morning. the don't forget your shades. is there hardly a cloud in the sky thanks to the cold front that came through yesterday. look at this gorgeous sunrise at 6:40. we're almost there. northeasterly wind at 7 miles an hour. nice, low relative humidity at 56 percent, and 62 degrees. that is where we are right now, in the city, 52 in pottstown. cooler in allentown with 50 and chilly in, mount pocono work 44 degrees. the in the 50's in wilmington. 62 degrees in wildwood. wind coming from the north and northeast rain we have expected sunshine all take long. mid 70's by lunchtime and on this marvelous, monday we expect a high temperature of
6:32 am
81 degrees. sunrise at 7:14. this is a great forecast but how long can it last? we will tell you in the seven day forecast just ahead. hi there, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 6:32. we have that fire location, a live look from route 37 and fellowship. this is maple shade. it is on route 73 north pound. right before the ramps to the betsy ross bridge. okay. okay, you got it. it is northbound 73, as you head in towards the betsy ross. here's a live look from steve keeley's camera. the this is a michael's auto body that is on route seven three, right before the ramps for the betsy ross bridge. so it looks like traffic and fire fighters are on that northbound side, is there the ramps, you can see it there. this will impact anybody leaving new jersey, heading towards the betsy or tacony. lets go out to steve, what do you got the for us, steve. >> bob, you're looking at route 73 go to philadelphia
6:33 am
and i'm surprise that had route 73 is not shut down just yet but police were the first here, and discovered the fire. they are just putting water on it right now but flames are now bigger then ever. and i'm talking to other business as cross the street in the auto business, finish line, for instance, and a gentlemen here tell us again what you think is in there this is michael's auto body. you know the guy. you have been here a cross the street. >> we go to them for all of our needs. there is cars inside, paint that can ignite. i have been here since before 6:00 when the cops just pulled up. >> we are seeing em ber. >> seventy-three cannot aloud to be opened much longer because smoke is coming over, embers are coming tour business. you mentioned just showroom looked like it is on fire but is there paints, chemicals in the the back that can present and a possible explosion. >> i think it can explode. you have a couple vehicles he
6:34 am
was working on friday, before he closed. he also had paints inside his paint room. there is a secured room where it is block off by bricks and cinder blocks but fire gets this there it could make it worse. >> looking at the flames right now are we near the paint room. >> we are not by the paint room, we are by the showroom, and where they disassemble the vehicles. the paint room would be on the left of the fire in the rear. >> you had to give advice to fire fighters what would you tell them to do right now in terms of where to bottle this thing or keep it from spreading. >> keep it to the right and in the let it go to the left where paint roomies in the the paint booth. >> you got the here at 6:00. you have been watching this. this is as bad. now we are seeing palmyra fire department pull up. as i predicted that palmyra long ladder has come up in the left lane. a white mack truck coming in the shack. left lane of 73 is still opened because everybody is too busy, yet to realize they have to shut down that lane
6:35 am
and that traffic down, but, this looks like it is getting more serious by the minute, or toy cut you off. you got the here at 6:00. what did you see when you got here. >> flames, smoke and that is when the police went in the back of the building and that is when fire trucks and other e ms and police showed up, and fire trucks. about eight fire trucks in right now. >> reporter: you are a truck and auto center yourself. what could ignite a fire at 6:00 in the morning in one of these places on a monday morning. >> unless it is a electrical fire inside, or something off the air conditioning, you know, at this point nerve clue. >> reporter: nobody is working in a place like that this time of the day. >> i don't believe so. they could be but i'm not hundred percent sure. >> reporter: next door suburban propane good thing that business and propane tanks are far enough away. it looks like a creek running in between too. >> is there a creek in between the propane center. >> reporter: mike and alex, is there your live breaking story. we will stay on top of the news part of this and traffic
6:36 am
part but for bob kelly's sake left lane is still opened for some reason and you can see people are flying by, even though we have first responders, risking their life to fight this fire. this driver if he opened that door he will walk out into traffic going, too fast. people slow down when you see these emergency lights, slow down, do not go this fast, past these things, last thing you want to does hit a police officer or fire fighter running to the scene of a flaming fire like this one. >> yeah, would not be shocking for that lane to be shut down, almost any second right now, on 73. that will create an unbelievable backup. all right. well, we will keep an eye on. that we have to take to you bucks county because one person has been killed in a double stabbing. >> a second person is being treated. dave kinchen is at the scene there right now, dave. >> reporter: we're here on foster drive. we have a man dead and a woman in critical condition here in falls township. henry ward, just tell me what you know as this scene is still active.
6:37 am
>> 4:25 our office's arrived here at this location behind me. once here they found a male deceased inside. we also have a female stabbing victim was found a short distance away. she was transported to st. mary's medical center and she's in critical condition. >> are you looking at a suspect. >> we don't believe there is anyone else involved in this at this time but it is just the beginning of the investigation. >> reporter: is this a domestic situation obviously. you found a trail of blood we're told too. >> right, we're not prepared to say it is domestic just yet. we know they know each other. we do not know if she's living here or not, we are not sure. >> reporter: obviously a big scene you have to investigate, and talking to neighbors i mentioned here too. >> neighbors are not the awake yet. we did find a blood trail. she was found a distance away. we will start expanding the crime scene and trying to gather more evidence. >> reporter: anything else you can tell us about the age of the victims at all. >> from looking at his picture, i will assume he is in his late 30's, early 40's, but we have not even gone back
6:38 am
inside, once we determined he was deceased we're waiting a search warrant. >> reporter: deceased man stabbed in the neck we understand. >> yes. >> reporter: other victim. >> the other victim appears to have multiple stab wound. i'm not sure of the locations. one is pretty serious. >> reporter: lieutenant, thanks for the update. we will stay on the scene and bring you very latest, mike and alex, back to you. >> that is horrible. >> 6:38. doctor's orders. >> days of rest for hillary client of after being diagnosed with pneumonia and hydration, dehydration. this morning she's off the campaign trail recovering at her home in new york. the clinton abruptly leaving a nine/11 memorial ceremony yesterday morning, nearly fainting on the sidewalk in new york. the this is video here of her trying to get in the van. her security details had to hold her up and get her safely into that van. the clinton emerged from her daughter's apartment building smiling and making brief remarks. >> beautiful day in new york. >> then after she clinton's
6:39 am
campaign released a statement saying she left the shown i because she felt over heated but was feeling much better. then later issuing another release saying the incident was pneumonia and dehydration. clinton has cancelled several campaign events in california today and tomorrow because of it. >> pneumonia, it is nothing to mess around with. >> not at all. >> wow. it feels good this morning because weather is fantastic but it is amazing how you feel after the eagles win. that is how important our eagles are to us. so, what do you take away from a win over the jobs. i nose they are not that good. >> but a win is a win, man,. >> i agree with you alex holley. a win is a win. >> our chopper has made it to the scene in cinnaminson, of this fire, look at this thing, it is raging. it looked bad from the ground but from the air even worse. cinnaminson, new jersey it is right along route 73, causing major problems along that highway, down to one lane on one side. the other side is still moving
6:40 am
along. but we anticipate them shutting down one side of seven 36789 we will tell you which side after the break. newspapers know
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the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. male teacher: andthe the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. female teacher: anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low-cost, high speed internet at home,
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helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. we're check being back in cinnaminson, new jersey for breaking news happening there right now. our chopper is still up looking at the fire happening at michael's auto body, along route 73. it is starting to cause some problems on the highway there we're showing it earlier there keeping the left lane opened but they are preparing to shut it down at high street, bob. >> they are getting ready to
6:43 am
close northbound lanes of 73, which is basically northbound takes new towards philadelphia, and ramps for betsy ross and tacony palmyra. white smoke is good news. that is a sign they are getting water in there. they can only come in on route 37 pennsauken creek is behind it here. the there is no access from the back even. we just heard from steve keeley that they are getting ready to shut down route 73 at high street and that will push everybody into cinnaminson or in towards maple shade, new jersey. but full smoke here. there is only one roadway in, one driveway in, and in the back here you have not only the auto body place but is there also a limousine company that works out of the front and from the sky you can see, the yard here is filled with either vehicles and boats, maybe being worked honor stored. we have got the ground shot from steve, steve's camera, right along route 73, and that is what it looks like heading
6:44 am
in towards philadelphia basically right before the ramp. for bet thecy ross bridge and access to the tacony palmyra bridge. even though we have white smoke we have orange flames seen visible from route 73. if you are getting ready to leave the house right now and typically use route 73, in towards philadelphia you want to use lenola road or fork landing road are your two best bets. lets go back to steve at the fire scene, steve, what do you have for us. >> reporter: bob, they are letting traffic get by because it is building up, they are going slower, thank god but they have moved some of the fire trucks out front, that is you why can see the limousine company, executive coach east and guys are grabbing keys and getting those expensive limousines out of there. it is three businesses, limo out front, then you have michael's auto body in the middle and ought owe detailer out back that rent's from michael's auto.
6:45 am
reason fire trucks went out back is number one they can fight the flames better back there, and if they need add water, maybe they can pump it directly out of that creek that is back there and good thing there is a creek that is separating this business, from the business next door because it the is a bunch of propane tanks. you can see traffic starting to speed up when the light changes and they figure it is good to keep traffic flowing and as they fight this fire. one other good sign is i'm seeing lower flames then i just five minutes ago. they may get an handle on it, somewhat but there is a lot of heavy thick black smoke. i'm standing on top of our live truck i have a good vantage point, it looks like flames are coming out of the chimney pipes which tells you that there is flames throughout this building now and the smell at least the smoke is going straight up, not across into any neighborhoods or into this traffic, and because it is chemicals and paints it could be a lethal smoke for anybody
6:46 am
getting too close to this scene out there in cinnaminson. >> all right, steve, be careful out there. on top of the live truck, my goodness. we have autumnal equinox ten days away, halloween is 55 days away, daylight savings time is ending, it is not until november. we will enjoy september while we have been here. we have beautiful weather. the cold front, cloud and rain came through yesterday in the morning and took away humidity and ended heat wave. high pressure stays in control, today, tomorrow and wednesday, until a second cold front comes through and prevents us from getting another heat wave, and more he humidity building up day after day after day. let's talk about the seven day forecast and temperature that can change between today and wednesday, we will gain 10 degrees. it will be humid. only one day of heat and humidity. by thursday you are down to 78 . the quite a drum particular drop in temperature between
6:47 am
wednesday's 92 and thursday's 78. >> big drop. ninety-two to 78. >> yes. >> wow. >> seventy-eight will feel great. >> fantastic. >> yesterday felt good out at the link. it is a good monday morning when the front page of the paper. >> it says chapter one. i like it. and then this. >> never mind. glee-eagles. >> that is what it feels like. >> people are very excited about carson wentz/doug pederson era off to a great start. twenty-nine-ten win over browns. we know it is browns but still impressive for wentz. had 22 for 37, 278-yard, and two touchdowns. >> and of course we have the "good day philadelphia" garry cobb. >> hi there, g. >> it was browns. they stink. >> yes, true. >> vegas odds makers had them 201 to be in the super bowl.
6:48 am
>> they are horrible. >> they are horrible. >> and now rg3 looks like he is hurt already. >> and carson wentz got hit too many times. >> i agree, way too many hits. >> bam, bam, bam. >> you keep that up, you end up getting hurt. he has to get rid of the ball sooner. don't try to make every play. some types you have to give up on the play, throw the ball away. >> that was ertz. >> you know, aftermath yous had dropped a ball and this got things going. this is just a great throw, to jordan, jordan makes a nice play but he puts the ball right there, you know, carson is just ahead of his years. he is just not, caught up, you know, right now, so he is going like, okay, all right. >> that is a good thing. >> it is a good thing. >> yes. >> you don't want to take it to seriously because it really tightens you up. >> what do you think of the irony of it, to have him playing at the even of the
6:49 am
game, people writing about to have rg3 how he started out and where he is and to see wentz coming up, starting out, is it his way as well. >> this is what yesterday was all b browns could have picked carson wentz. he is not any good. we don't think he is good enough. they passed up on him to get rg3 and it looked like they made a big mistake. browns have been looking for a quarterback for about 20 years. >> that is right. >> they have never been in the super bowl have they. >> never been in the super bowl. >> they have never been. that is why cleveland has been so down, about the browns, because it seems like every quarterback they get is the wrong one it is the wrong one. >> what would you tell carson wentz. everybody is excited. people buying number 11 jerseys, what would you tell them ahead of the next game then. >> you are just getting started. the let's learn from your mistakes. big thing you said, you have to avoid some of these hits. you will not survive if you keep getting pounded, because
6:50 am
these guys are in the business of knocking quarterbacks out of the game. >> it will get worse today at sometime this week at least when lane johnson is going to be suspended it looks like. >> lane, yeah, i talk to lane yesterday and you could see on his face that he knows it is coming. >> ten games. >> ten games. >> that is a lot. >> if you don't get protection, everybody is happy today but you have to get better defense. you are not getting protection. it will be tough for him to stay in there and taking that pounding. you have to get rid of the ball sooner, make it a point to get on the ground. you cannot take hits. don't make a great play every game play. let's throw ate way. >> you want to have prove yourself every single time. >> he is a rookie after all. >> biggest thing is don't try to do too much. that is big thing rookies do try to make every play and then you throw a interception or two. >> how good is this team, eagles eight-eight. >> that is probably where they
6:51 am
are at. defense could be very, very good. but carson is still yen. young. you don't want a game where he will not make mistakes. >> we will learn a lot next week in chicago, especially if lane isn't there. >> yes. >> second game. >> sophomore year. >> you always tell me after the first game, the next one, or anybody, when we do shows, next one, because you are on a high. you think you got it. then you are caught off guard. >> come on, carson. >> you have to stay sober. >> another thing if you are the cleveland browns shouldn't are uniforms be brown instead of that hideous orange there was some brown in it. >> they used to have brown uniforms. >> okay. >> but i guess they say, we are brown all the time, we will change it up. they probably should have more brown in the uniforms being that they are the browns. >> yes. >> they should be worried about everything.
6:52 am
>> years ago when they had brown uniforms, long time ago. >> they were berth. >> that is right. >> they need to be true to what they are. >> they had a player whose last name was jim brown. >> he was great the. >> yes. >> thanks, gary. >> they had brown in their uniforms after the game. we have two breaking news stories. this one, probably the biggest one that would affect you this big fire. bob, have they should down 73. >> as you can see from the chopper here, steve said they were getting ready to shut it down. >> this is cinnaminson, new jersey. >> northbound at high street. heading toward philadelphia, avoid route 73, we will tell you way to go, it looks like traffic, it is still going through. >> all right. more on that in two minutes.
6:53 am
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donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
6:55 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. steve, what are you seeing. we see from it sky fox. what do you see from the ground. >> reporter: mike, we're right across the route 73 to the welcome to maple shade sign. that is cinnaminson over there. as sun comes up it is illuminating smoke. you can see lots of hoses on
6:56 am
it. moorestown fire department in our shot. riverton. every local fire department in the burlington county area. where we are exactly what bob kelly is talking about. to the left betsy ross bridge, to the right tacony palmyra bridge 37 and route 130... . >> well, we have lost his signal as you can tell. we cannot hear him anymore. so bob, what are you hearing. >> well, what we're looking at right here it looks like you still got that one lane opened coming in toward philadelphia, but if you are leaving house from say cherry hill, voorhees, maple shade, avoid route 73. use either fork landing or lenola road. where this fire is located is causing a major jam for everyone trying to get into philadelphia over betsy or the to kobe palmyra bridge. >> more in two minutes.
6:57 am
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seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. it went well. >> touchdown. >> caught for the touch town. >> eagles rookie quarterback dazzled in his debut, is this a sign of good times ahead for the eagles. what do you think? we have reaction from players, fans, to yesterday's win over
7:00 am
the browns. this faint good, hillary clinton's health back in the spotlight after she faint at september 11th remembrance ceremony. >> beautiful day in new york. >> she says she's fine but her doctor says that she has a pneumonia, how her diagnosis impacting her campaign. plus the world pauses to remember the lives lost on 9/11, 15 years later. we will look back at how events of that day changed headlines around the world. plus as more nfl players follow colin kaepernick's lead the trend of kneeling during national anthem is catching on closer to home. how the community is reacting after a south jersey high school team and its coaches took a knee during the anthem.


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